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I created sannahvinding.com to inspire and help other business professionals to reflect and succeed with their innovative challenges. Innovation is not just about processes and products, it’s also about people.

I’m a creative and innovative business professional with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, product development, process excellence in electronic components, consumer electronics and medical devices.

I started my blog because I have passion for innovative products that can improve people’s lives. I wanted to share my experience (personal and professional journey) through success and challenges. I hope you enjoy my articles about my experiences with innovation, design, technology and corporate culture.  




Sannah Vinding is an accomplished Marketing and Product Development executive noted for her nearly 20 years of innovative and profitable performances in the service of companies within the electronic components, consumer electronics, and medical device sectors. Vinding’s expertise in LEAN methodologies and processes reduce typical product development and deployment times by an average of 20 percent, while lowering turnaround times and simplifying workflows.


A specialist in digital marketing and product development disciplines, Sannah Vinding creates impactful programs and builds market share guided by thorough market research and analysis. Her insightful prediction of market trends have resulted in numerous first-mover advantages that enabled her to successfully deploy disruptive products globally. Vinding’s footprint  on any arena is verifiable by increased predictability, coupled with the ability to deliver more projects with the same resources. She tracks Research and Development’s performance by implementing a visual performance management dashboard focusing on: cost/resource utilization, ­time utilization, ­quality level, and increased ­throughput.


As an example of leadership and LEAN execution, Sannah Vinding increased the predictability of medical accessories devices delivery for her customer by reducing complexity in the interfaces between Research and Development teams and across brands through a new product development process that included improved product roadmaps, and better integration with production and 3rd party development partners.


Vinding continues to build upon her reputation for developing, executing, and maintaining comprehensive marketing programs and outreach strategies across multiple mediums that consistently increase visibility, traffic, and profitability. She holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, and is the Director of Product Development & Marketing at VCC. Winner at the Lean Product & Process Development Exchange Inc (LPPDE) conference for best A3 report, and spoke at LPPDE North America Conference in 2016 and 2017 visit LPPDE.org for more information.


My greatest contribution to the organization lies in my nature ability to interact positively and proactively with people.Management is about people – H2H (human to Human)

LEAN Process & Cultural Excellence

Expertise in LEAN methodologies and processes reduce typical product development and deployment times by an average of 22 percent, while lowering turnaround times and simplifying workflows.


Specialist in multiple marketing and product disciplines by implementing impact programs and building market share.


Reduced Product Development Time By

New Product Introduction Launched


Increased Brand Awareness


Increased NPI Sales

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How to Boost Profits Through Lean Product Development

Check out my article about How to Boost Profits Through Lean Product Development which was featured at EPS news.It’s all about Company, Culture and Tools.

A primary objective of a manufacturer is building high-quality products that solve industry and/or specific customer design challenges. No matter the size of the company, this must be done at a profit or the business will ultimately fail.

To successfully introduce lean product development into your organization, you have to continue to work the method, continue to communicate, continue to improve, and continue updating the process.