Cool and Innovative LED lamp

A friend shared this cool lamps with me and I just have to share it – it’s so cool – a lamp with no plugs, no batteries it only uses one candle how innovative is that?

Put Lumir C over a lighted candle and it will turn the LED on – so simple

The Lumir lights up by using the principle which is the conversion of temperature difference between two other types of semi-conductor directly into electricity. Lumir C lights up LED only with heat energy of the candle without external power supply.

The story behind the design is there. It’s shaped after a lighthouse that lights up a dark sea (which align to my post about product intent product brief), and the story of why it was developed: the acknowledgement of to many households in developing countries are still brightened the darkness with candle light.

The Lumir C is a inclusive design because it’s solving the everyday challenge for a diverse set of users it will benefit everbody  – it’s so cool that I would like one at home


Check out Lumir

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