My favorite color is red what’s your favorite color?

And did you ever buy something just because of the color or because of how it was advertised? The choice of color has a big influence – website, advertising,  signs, clothes etc it’s a way of communicating, showing emotions and also impact a consumer’s decision to make a purchase. Truconversion just published an infographic with ” how to use colors to increase your conversion rate” and it’s great, fun and educational to read – either with your self as the user but also with your customers in mind.

Here are some high lights from the infographic:

The ‘two out of three consumers will not buy a large appliance if it doesn’t come in their preferred color” – I just bought a washer and dryer a year ago and I really liked the red washer/dryer set (again it’s my favorite color) and I’m sure the manufactured also have the percentage of who is doing the laundry in an average american home (guessing female and more appliances either in the laundry room or in the kitchen are now available in wide range of colors) – but I had to pay more and ended up with more features in a white finish instead of the red finish.

It’s funny how you can mirror your self in these statistics. What about color increase brand recognition by 80% – we all know a lot of brands by heart – here is the first ten of the world’s most valuable brands ranked by Forbes.

I know by heart that: Starbucks logo is green, Coca-Cola is red, Target is red, American Express is blue, Home Depot is orange, IKEA is yellow/blue, H&M is red, Amazon is yellow/black, facebook is blue, McDonald’s is yellow, Nike is black, Google is multi-color, GAP is blue, LEGO is red, white, black and yellow. (And through these brands you also know me a little bit more)



If you take a quick look at the Forbes ranking of The Worlds’ Most Valuable Brands and looked at their color scheme – most of them use two colors – of course, you have google and Microsoft which have the multi-colored logo’s- but the rest uses one or two colors.

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