How to create the best power point presentation/google slide presentation without loosing your audience

Learn it on a Monday and apply it on Tuesday

How to create the best presentation based on simple skill-set and easy understandable icon’s. We have all been there  – sitting in the meeting where the PowerPoint Presentation is so boring and you can’t even remember what the first or 10th slide was about. You have also seen the amazing PowerPoint presentations where the newest infographics are showing off and is total out of your range of skill-set – so here is an example for you to get inspired from. The use of icon’s can take your presentation to a whole new level and also improve/support the way you are presenting – remember to create/build a story which will keep your audience exited about: Status meetings, NPI Introduction, Roadmaps, Design Reviews,  Product Training etc. Remember learn it on a Monday and apply it on Tuesday.

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