Leadership has nothing to do with a title

If you look around in your organization there are personalities who just have the drive and passion for their work and translate vision into reality.
 Mountain Leader - Leadership has nothing to do with a title
I have met leaders who stood out with their great leadership: sense of purpose, passion, courage, effective communication, generosity and not to forget their approachability. These are the leaders where I learned the most and admired them the most. I’m sure if you have worked for a great leader and have seen, learned, worked and absorbed this dynamic.
So what can you do? how can you turn into a great leader or take your leadership to the next level? it’s down to the habits.
When I took a closer look at the leaders I have met through my career either through work, workshops, seminars, social media they all have some of the same habits and if you want to take your leadership to the next level you need to take a closer look at these habits and make them your habits.

Habits I saw in the leaders:

  • Sense of purpose – where the leader are: walking the talk and take actions and create/build transparency through out the organization.
  • Approachability – the flow of communication, challenges, criticism are important throughout the organization. When you challenges your team it will foster innovation and bring the organization to a new level of success.
  • Passion – how much more fun is to work for a leader which has passion than one without? passion can motivate people and move mountains.
  • Effective Communication – you need to be a great communicator to be a great leader – a great story can inspire people, so bring the story telling into the way you communicate.
  • Courage – you need to be able to take difficult decisions and keep the team together also in though situations.
  • Generosity – wants the employee to achieve their personal best – this will make the team more successful. They will step in and take responsibility of a task if this can bring the project to a win.

 So don’t wait for the title – start your new habits today!


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