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I just read an article about “learning to see lean right in front of you” by David Brunt and I can only agree with David Brunt’s statement: Lean Thinkers love to observe work – work that often goes un-noticed by everyone else!”

An example I like to highlight is National Car Rental- Emerald Club and how they made an efficient car rental pick up with a two step lean approach: reserve a car and and choose any midsize car at the rental place.

National Car Rental looked at the details and got it right for their customers, which are enjoying the experience and freedom to pick any midsize car. I enjoyed the experience of freedom at my last rental and picked a car I wanted to drive for a long road trip – I walked around ‘shopping’ for the right car, and it felt great that I was the one making the final decisions and then just take off.

National car rental

How National Car Rental is promotion is also something I want to point out – this is a clever way to promote by providing your customer with a feeling when reading it.

On their website it’s described with 3 steps:

  1. Reserve a car,
  2. Bypass the counter
  3. Choose any midsize car.

Three steps – but step two is not a real action- so National Car Rental got it down to two steps and when you read the instructions they provide a relief to their customers which now has a feeling of how simple it will be (and is) to rent a car. So a really smart way to promote their rental car experience.


Lean thinkers love to observe work - try to turn it - Look at your companies user experience interface and optimize the flow to satisfy your customers.

National Car Rental looked at the details of the user experience and optimized the flow to satisfy their customers – try to turn it around and look at your companies user experience interfaces – I’m sure there are many opportunities for improvement.

It’s all down the small details so start observing and begin transformation of user experience.

A lean approach can impact in many areas so don’t just look in the customer service area.

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