Speaker at LPPDE Conference

I presented at the LPPDE conference in Philadelphia back in September, and it always gives me new energy and ideas of how to drive initiatives, creativity, and culture in a much better way.


LPPDE is a Lean Product & Process Development Exchange Conference which I have been a part of since 2010. LPPDE mission is to foster opportunities to grow and share the knowledge, expertise and experiences that help organizations use lean product development to dramatically improve product development performance. LPPDE also encourages dialog about how companies of all sizes can most effectively deploy lean practices, and instill mindsets that desire improvement continuously and forever.

My Journey

I presented my journey of implementing lean product development in organizations of different sizes, where I talked about the feeling of being a ‘single band member’ when deploying lean initiatives within the organization. I have worked for organizations from 6,000 to 100 employees and through my experience you address the same challenges in all organizations:
 You need to analyze the organization structure, processes, culture and the employees because creativity is not just about new products and processes, it’s about people. You need creativity to be able to innovate products, processes, company culture – this is what will move the needle and differentiate your company from competition. We all know you can copy a product even copy the development process, but a company can’t copy your company’s DNA.  The companies ‘DNA’ is: the encouragement of creativity, fostering company culture and habits which are all down to the behaviors of the employees and your way to success
I have learned a lot through my lean journey from how data points drive better awareness/dialogs and decisions to be disruptive and shake the organization which pushes change and foster creativity.

I have Challenged

  • Process change – used duct tape on the floor as a ‘sub-way’ map to differentiate process definitions
  • Project Resource allocation – developed visual roadmaps highlighting potential duplicated initiatives across worldwide development teams
  • Communication flow within the company – using visual transparency management lean tools
  • 25+ page presentation – using story telling and only “one page” presentation
  • Long and boring milestone meetings – implemented much shorter and stand-up milestone meetings
  • Project with no transparency through a world wide organization- to completely transparency of timelines, project status by changing project management software tools
If you want to learn more about my lean journey reach out and I will share my learnings and my presentation

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