How the Turtle turned into a Rabbit

Sannah Vinding, Director of Product Development & Marketing at VCC – How the Turtle turned into a Rabbit – Process Improvement at VCC

VCC (Visual Communications Company, LLC) supports illuminated electronic components for the global markets. Sannah Vinding will present her company’s journey from loss of sales opportunity to faster customer response, and how a continuous improvement process is not a “one take” but several improvement iterations over time. For VCC it took eight iterations to greatly increase customer satisfaction by reducing the time in responding to the customers by 88% (from 14 weeks to 11 days). They now process more sales opportunities than ever (141% increase) and continue to improve.

Sannah Vinding is a creative and innovative business professional with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, product development, process excellence in electronic components, consumer electronics and medical devices. She has a passion for innovative products that can improve people’s lives.

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