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I just attended HUG17 Beyond Inbound Marketing event Liberty Station in San Diego and met a lot of great people with a huge passion for marketing. It’s so important to stay in tune with the trends and I have the opportunity to engage in some really insightful conversations with such knowledgeable industry professionals. I love learning new ways of being creative and getting introduced to new technology tools.

HUG17 Beyond Inbound Marketing

HUG2017 is an inbound marketing experience purely focused on accessible up-to-date education, experiential learning, and the idea of organizations building trust with and attracting the right audience. Click here if you want to learn more or join Inbound Marketing.


First of all the location for this event is just perfect – from the main building, the church, recreation area, and open space – if you haven’t had you chance yet to visit NTC Liberty Station – checkout out here.

Evangelizing an Inbound Culture

Jen Spencer has so much energy and also had time to chat with everybody who was going to listen to her session. Jen Spencer shared how Allbound went about embracing a culture of inbound and the impact this decision has made on the rapidly-growing early-stage SaaS startup.


Here are my key takeaways from Jen’s session.

Jen Spencer

Best friends

Jen talked about her best friends – which are Abby, Mike, Sean and Carlos all Allbound’s buyer personas (customers). Jen highlighted the importance of identifying and creating the personas, and also what are they key questions you need to ask when developing buyer personas:

What motivates them?

How do they determine success?

Where do they search for solutions

What are their priorities?

What are their perceived barriers?

Who influences their decisions?



review and revise

validate early

evangelize internally in your organization

Now that you have the personas identified, it’s time to share internal with the rest of the organization so everybody understands the customers and their different values, needs and behavior. The advantages of this is, when anybody is in dialog with a customers, they understand the customers journey from awareness to consideration to decision. And of course you will need to calibrate the personas over time to stay in sync with your customer. You need to:

Create Content

Create content that is relevant and helpful for your customers. Think outside the box, get creative and make your content easy to access. Focus how you can create content that supports the ‘consideration’ and ‘decision’ phase for you customer and don’t get lost in the ‘awareness’ phase too much.

Sharing Social Messages

Another key thing was how to involve the whole company in the social marketing implementation. You will now ask what does that mean? You develop a company-wide cadence where the whole team supports sharing links to company blog, blog author shares blog on external site, share social messages with relevant hashtags (pre-prepared so easy to share). This way your social message will become much broader and will also take advantage of your organization network and reach out in many directions

Transparency & Visibility

Parallel you must share your inbound strategy with your partners. This provides your partners with a tool set which enables visibility into your current and future customers and provides insights of their purchase journey and the timing of delivering of your content. Don’t be a ‘one-man band’ but become a ‘band’ that can grow in experience together.

One Team

and how do you succeed? Do not create silos within your organization – you must work collaborative with other tools, systems and departments.

  • Get everyone in the company involved
  • Build on what works (ditch what doesn’t)
  • Be creative and take chances
  • Be Authentic

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