My Learnings from Make Waves – WordCamp San Diego

I attended my first Make Waves WordCamp in San Diego a few weeks ago and it was awesome – so great to meet others with the same passion for learning, sharing and improving their wordpress skill set.

Here are some of my keynotes:
Lisa Ghisolf (@gizmodesign) talked about creating a site structure for the future with a focus on the personas. She also highlighted the importance of good content – it must be up-to-date, user-centric, useful and u-findable. She also showed examples of websites with different ways to interest the user – from mega menus at Volkswagen, to Porsche showing pictures of each style of car, to a Charter School approaching students, parents, and teachers with their own menu in different colors for easy navigation. Check out if you want to learn more from Lisa.
Deena Mayne (@DeenaMayne) talked about Zen & the Art of WordPress with the focus on: do less, think about what is necessary, put more space between things – just because there is so many free options we don’t need to add them all our websites. Deena highlighted that maybe the special features for examples fade in/outs, animations, sliders can distract the user and the website’s purpose. I have to agree either slow down the sliders so the user have time to read/navigate or scale down to just one picture. If you want to see Deena’s presentation click here.
I was looking forward to hear Adam Silver (@heyadamsilver) showing “page builders’ especially the last piece where he would talk about Divi, but Adam ran out of time, so I will catch up on his “kitchensink” blog instead. You can follow him here: (and I will keep learning by doing using Divi myself).
Sarah Benoit (@SarahDBenoit) talked about how to build websites that delight, engage and convert. Sarah talked about how to rethink the choice of web colors, because color creates emotion and emotion creates action. how brighter warmer colors energize people and darker cool shades are more relaxing and tranquil. Sarah also talked a lot about UX design and the core of UX is to ensure that the user find value in what you are providing to them – she shared Peter Morville’s user experience honeycomb:
Nile Flores (@blondishnet) talked about “Click this! Subscribe today! – All about calls to action” and what to do and what not to do. I was still surprises of some of the facts Nile shared for example:
  • 87% B2B don’t do anything to make their ‘contact us’ option stand out
  • 82% don’t bother to even list their social media profiles
  • 68% do not show an email address on the home page
If I can’t find contact information e.g. how to contact, email or call a service I will ‘go’ somewhere else – this is minimal information you must have.
I also learned about A/B testing where you can test two different buttons and test how which scenario gets most impressions – the example was Amazon “one-click buy” button – something I need to test in the future. A lot of website already uses the A/B testing to learn from visitor behaviors and also to increase their conversion rate.
I’m looking forward to learn more from the WordPress Community and attending more word camps in the future.

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