What is the best way to advertise a product or your brand?

If it is for a product then in many cases you will see a list of features – but the best way to advertise is to tap into the emotional aspects of a product.   It’s so easy to describe features and facts (just look at the data sheet) but how do you flip and talk about benefits or how will this product make you feel? It’s starts with asking what is the intent of the product.   When you develop a new product it’s so important to create a product intent where you capture the emotional aspects of the product  – this will end up to be a key piece for your marketing material and product launch.  

When working at Louis Poulsen Lighting developing the LP ICON  the design brief capture that this outdoor streetlight should correspond to the glow of the moon. This was accomplished with the selection of the optimal light source, position of the light source (minimize shadows, glare), material selection (shinning surface), glass cover (with silkscreen print to mask the light source and direct glare). LP Icon is designed by Mads Odgård and Manufactured by Louis Poulsen Lighting.

    When writing the design brief for the LP Charisma King it was more focused on features than the emotional aspect e.g. the pendant needed to be suitable for both classic and modern architectural settings, suit lamp types with good color rendering.  Furthermore the product intent was to design a pendant that would illuminate itself and the surrounding space in an elegant manner – like a sculpture. LP Charisma King succeeded with the sculpture effect based on material selection (metallic surface, acrylic cone, small diffusers) which made the pendant able to illuminate itself. LP Charisma King was awarded the Danish Design Prize in 2001. LP Charisma King is designed by PLH Arkitekter A/A and Manufactured by Louis Poulsen Lighting.

Another example I want to highlight is the AOne LED modules from Aurora Lighting where the concept was to offer a professional solution for recessed lighting. When I wrote the product intent I made sure to capture the emotional aspect which was to succeed with a light fixture that delivered the perfect light setting. So what is the perfect light setting? it’s when lighting is impeccable then you hardly notice it. The Aone LED modules succeeds by delivering the perfect light setting by utilizing LEDchroic™ lens technology which achieve halogen like appearance together with an optimal light distribution and minimal glare.

Last example is from when I worked at Lithonia Lighting. The product intent were centered about proving an illusion of movement – again capturing an emotional effect. The Inertia Flush accomplished the illusion through it’s spiral design together with the polish steel finish and connector rods.     So it all starts before the developing takes place – make sure to capture the emotional aspects of the product  when writing the product intent- this will benefit the product, company, ROI etc in the long run.

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