Success is hidden in your Company Culture

Change Management

I have worked in different companies through my career – from huge companies to small companies and change management is the same challenge no matter the size of the company and the key to success is ‘hidden’ in your company culture. I’m sure you have been in the same situation (or maybe is in it right now) where the change management project is lacking in support from your employees, old company culture fighting with new culture (new process/new change), existing projects prioritized above the change management projects etc.. So what do you do! Any change must become part of the company culture and leading/supporting a change must be seen as a part of everybody jobs. So look at it as an opportunity for growth in your individual skills and competencies and take responsibility and define and create your company culture.  Getting a stronger company culture is reflecting in employee motivation, employees performance, company identity, employee purpose, employee potential,  higher customer satisfaction and much more.   This article which address Organizational Culture it’s spot on! I have now more focus on Play, Purpose and Potential and I believe the success for change management is to boost & drive new culture and diminish the old culture.


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