Take personal responsibility for your learnings.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the whole world, we are all living our daily life in a new way. We are all learning new habits, new software and a new way of communicating digital with the world.


An example we all know is how our office meetings are now conducted via video conference and look how many of us almost got a Ph.D. in navigating in all the different software like zoom, uberconference, skype, facetime, WhatsApp video. We all jumped into the new challenge and got new habits and we all had our own journey to get where we are today. I’m sure a lot of businesses are now using chat tools on a whole new level than before the coronavirus pandemic, this has been a necessary tool to survive.

 We also have ‘video dinners’ / ‘video happy hours’ with friends or family even with the ones that live far away from us and I think it is interesting that suddenly we connect much more with video than before. I have reached out to friends more frequently now than before and my use of video calls has increased due to new habits. The current self-quarantine has impacted everyone’s daily routines, a lot of our activities outside our home are now limited and how we spend our time during the day has changed a lot over the last couple of weeks.

Only 12% of employees apply new skills learned in Learning & Development programs to their jobs

Self-isolation has released the need to acquire new skills

I see this change of living to also a time to learn new skills either listen to a new podcast, watch youtube channel, read articles/blogs or attend a [virtual] conference and that gets me excited. It’s so important to learn new skills as it will help you to learn things faster over time. This is an opportunity to learn the skills of tomorrow.

So where does it start?

You need to have a motivation to learn, and it helps to see it as lifelong learning and not formal education. The next step is to decide what you want to learn and based on how you learn e.g are you a visual learner, learning by doing, studying and then practicing – you now need to acquire relevant and meaningful information. The offering of information is massive from podcasts, articles, books, blog posts, white papers, youtube channels, conferences. You name it and you will find it. From here you need to turn what you learned into practice because the best way to retain knowledge is to use it. Through practice, you will gain experience and will also have the opportunity to refine your learning. Remember to look at failures as learnings – you won’t repeat a mistake.

Learning is the recipe

Knowledge is the cake

Look at is Learning is the recipe and knowledge is the cake – so start shaping your new habits and continue growing your skills and knowledge.

Start expanding your knowledge and skills every day

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