The Perfect Team Meeting

How important are team meetings?

What do you actually remember if you think a few weeks back? Over the last couple of months I have address the scope of the weekly meetings in different ways and finally found the perfect structure:

Stand-up meeting with:

Quick High Level Status – Reflect/Plan – Fun

Stand-up meeting

Let’s face it we have too many meetings during the week and if you schedule a meeting for 60 min’s it will last 60 minutes. if you schedule 30 minutes – it will last 30 minutes. So challenge your self (and others) to shorten the meetings. Also if you have stand-up meetings you will get much better communication and interaction within your team. My weekly team meeting is a 30 minutes stand-up meeting

Quick high-level

Share what it is going on – provide transparency e.g. are we on target with company KPI’s, any customer visitors, anybody traveling, provide transparency by sharing project prioritization and/or executive presentations and make sure to incorporate the company’s values and culture.

Reflect – Plan

Every week the team spends about 10-15 minutes to talk about: # What did I learn last week # Where/How did I have an impact # What will I learn this week This is so powerful this is my favorite part of the meeting – It tells me if my team is learning and growing. When the employee are sharing what they learned they are also sharing their knowledge to the rest of the team. Personally I have learned so much about products, process, ownership, organizations, tools etc by have this session and I’m a strong believer of that my team is learning as well.   When talking about the employees impact this is so important because it’s illustrate their ownership and also interaction with the rest of the organization. I can see how it makes them proud of what they have accomplished. We don’t complete a full project every week so the small steps within a project gets highlighted and valued as an accomplishment.

When it comes to “what will I learn this week” this is awesome because this shows if the employee have a good overview of the current week tasks/projects and also knows where the challenges will be. I want a team that is ‘hungry’ and have the passion to learn every week. It’s so important that your team will learn every week – you don’t want your team to hit a plateau. If you want your company to grow – your need to make sure your teams is growing.


Remember also to bring fun into the meetings – at Christmas time I presented a mini craft project  – we all had to create a paper snowflake. This was fun and challenged the team to be creative and we all got proud of what we accomplished and we decorated our office space which turned into a communication trigger e.g. did you make this? how did you make it? etc.  Remember to spread some fun into the meetings also if it’s not all work-related because this will bring you team closer and and you are creating fun memories together


My goal is to create a visual illustration of what my team have learned the last 6 months and share it with the rest of the company.  I’m sure this will create interesting conversations and the benefit will be to bring knowledge sharing into a new level within the organization.


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