The Secret to Productivity: Focus

We all know it – Technology can make us more productive but it can also distract us while working. The key is to keep the focus – you will get more done in less time. Ideas & Tips to improve your productivity:

  • Stop Switch-tasking – Multitasking isn’t impossible but if both tasks requires focus then it’s impossible. The time it takes to ‘get back into understanding your task’ is a waste of time of if you are switching between tasks.
  • Schedule task in block of time – Manage your time better – block your calendar and plan to use this required time on a certain task.
  • Focus on the one-thing – Prioritize your task and life will be easier.
  • Turn off notifications on your phone – you will be interrupted in your focus every time your phone/computer shows a notification.
  • Wear Headphones – Listen to music will eliminate noise and other distractions.
  • Keep your work area organized  – Have a set up around your workplace that will support your work.


The two basic sides productivity:

Conscious choice about what needs to be done today and why it needs to be done and Focus

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