Be Creative and think out side the box when you have to implement a new process

Value process mapping takes time and it’s a journey to map the existing process (current state) and then the new process (future state). A key thing is to be sure that the organization is clear and firm about definitions so everyone knows when to use which process, this will make the organization more efficient in the end.

subway Map Wall - process improvement

So how do you make sure that the key message or the definition is still clear after many hours of meetings mapping out the current state and the future state for a process. Communication is of course the first that comes to your mind – so why not make it fun and visual?

Subway Map

What if…the process is like a subway map and you will follow the subway line based on your process – check it out and keep asking yourself of a new way of communicate your organizations key messages.

implement office subway map

Check out the video when I created a subway map in the office.

The output of my experience was super cool – first of all ‘the mapping’ got a lot attention because of the colorful duct tape on the floor and on the wall and secondly a lot dialogue happen due to the definitions of the processes. A lot of colleagues walked into my office to chat about the definitions of the processes and this was great – everyone in the office learned about the new process and the best thing is we actually modified the definitions and got a much better understanding of the process.

So think outside the box when communicating about new process (or new key message), make it fun and you will automatically get a dialogue going and it will turn out be a win-win situation even though I’m sure you will modify the process – remember Innovation is not just about processes and products, it’s also about people.

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