Top 15 Marketing Tools you should know about – for every “hands-on” marketer   I wanted to share five of my favorite marketing tools and when I started to create my list it kept growing, so here are 15 tools that I will recommend for any marketing team no matter the size. These tools are all popular marketing tools and a lot of them integrate with each other which makes your life much easier, more efficient and it will free up your time. To make it easier I have divided them to five different categories: Organizing, Communication, Analytic, Images, and Publishing. These are the 15 tools I couldn’t live without:      





Google Sheet, Slides, Doc



Serpstat Google Analytic      








Google Sheet, Slides, Doc




WordPress – Divi Theme






Organizing Tools

To stay organized I use Evernote, GetPocket, Cloudapp and Google Doc (sheet, slide, doc) daily. These four tools supports an easy way to write notes, capture thoughts and ideas, save an blog/article/website with a one click or even capture a cool graphic design for inspiration. I use evernote to capture my blog post ideas, minutes from meetings, images/graphics inspiration and I have a lot of notes. It’s ok to be messy because you can search in your notes or even add tags to make it easier to look them up or to organize them. GetPocketTop 15 Marketing Tools you should know about Staying updated with news, blogs, educational articles requires structure and this is where GetPocket is great.  Sometimes I don’t have time to finish the article I’m reading or other times I want to save it for reference and this is here where GetPocket is ideal for me. I bookmark the article in Getpocket (I have the chrome extension) and then I can go back and read it later- it doesn’t overflow my regular chrome bookmarks which is nice. I also have pockets as an app on my iPhone, which simplifies accessing my Getpocket bookmarks from either my computer or phone no matter where I am. I couldn’t live without Cloudapp – I’m visual person and I need to draw my ideas and capture inspiration which will lead to new ideas and what can you say a picture is a 1000 words, we all know that. I use google sheet when I work together with my marketing team and there is nothing that beats the transparence and the ‘real time’ when updating in the document while you are both working on it – no matter timezones or if you work remotely or in another country.  

Communication Tool

I have a lot of different messenger apps installed and Skype is the winner because of it reliability, works on all platforms and I have it installed on my mac and Iphone.  It’s easy to share your screen, send a link, document or an image and you can also add additional members to the call if needed. Skype Top 15 Marketing Tools you should know about I have to highlight google documents again (and I didn’t count it twice as a tool). You can easily communicate through the document with notes and the ‘real time’ sharing and it makes meetings must shorter because you are looking at the same information. You can even add notes and reply to them later and mark them as solved while working in the document. Google makes it easy to share a document, folder, images you name it.

Analytic tools:

I’m a fan of two different analytic tools one is of course google analytic and it’s free. Google analytics helps you to monitor your business and provide you with data points so you easier can understand user behavior on your site. Google Analytic Another analytic tool I want to highlight is Serpstat which is an excellent all-in-one SEO tool – it collects competitive intelligence data and provides website analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracker and site audit even on your competitors which is an outstanding feature (you almost feel like you are spying on them).    


A picture is worth a thousand words – I’m a creative visualizer and a picture tells you a story in an instant and sometimes better than words. Unsplash Sticker Photos So I’m always on the hunt for the right pictures or images – I use different platform some is paid solutions and others are free. I can recommend depositphotos (and look out for their deals), I can also recommend two free ones which are unsplash and pixabay. Unsplash is is an industry-leading photography community with high quality free images/photos and you can download any images and use for any project because of generous photographers (so thank you all and I even uploaded a few photos myself). is the other one I will recommend and this site also have free copyright images and videos available – so check it out.   Canva is a simple drag-and-drop design tool where you can create any designs for the web, banner, instagram, collage, logo etc. You have access to photos, graphics, and fonts and you can also upload your own images/photos. What I like the most it’s a free graphic-design tool, even if you are looking for inspiration this is a great place to check out and you are able to to creating amazing designs for web or print media.  


Like 28.9% of all website in the world I’m also using wordpress and it’s amazing – you can build what you want, get different plugins to make you site more dynamic or use different themes that help you to accomplish outstanding website designs. I’m a fan of the DIVI theme, this is like playing with LEGO’s and you can build anything and even with the DIVI building blocks you are still able to customize within the building blocks. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the youtube channel to make sure you are updated with the latest features and what’s not to like. Creating social media campaigns with missinglettr is amazing and saves me time – I actually worked with a marketing agency at one point to provide extract from blog posts, but now everything can be automated through missinglettr. When you publish a new blog post missinglettr automatically screens the blog post (it’s linked up to your website and social media accounts) and creates a campaign with images, quotes, content and links (all based from the blog post). Now it’s up to you to review the campaign and either use the proposed image/quote or change these on the spot if necessary final step is to select which social medias you want to published on and what date it should start – it can be scheduled in intervals from 1 week and up to 12 months. Social Media Marketing is also a lifesaver, it is a web app where you can schedule your instagram post from your computer (mac/pc). It’s the simplest way to upload photos and this will free up your time and especially if you have more than one account. I use mailchimp for my marketing newsletter campaigns which is a great web-based email marketing service. The user interface is straightforward and easy to understand. With mailchimp you can either design you own email/newsletter or you can use their pre-build templates – this tool makes it easy to engage with your subscribes through emails/newsletters. Mailchimp is linked to my website with a popup signup form and will automatically collect emails address when the form is being filled out and will also update (and remember) if any subscriber decided to unsubscribe at anytime.  It’s a great tracking tool as well (and scary when you think of what you clicked on from the newsletter that are filling up your email inbox). You can see all kind of data like total openings, last opened, forwarded, top links clicked, subscribers with most opens and even check out the social performance – so it’s own analytic tools which provide you data that can help you to execute your marketing strategy.  Depending on what your business goal is you must show your brand with a ‘heartbeat’ and this is where the social media accounts helps you communicate, share your content and remember content is King! I love to share images, content, video on my social media accounts or even comment on others – my social media accounts are: twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin (all counted as one). have fun 🙂      

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