We all need a little vitamin or energy to be inspired

This is my vitamin for the day:

Watch TED’s Adam Grant: The surprising habits of original thinkers. Adam says: ‘you need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones” and I can only agree. 

What I recognize is that when I have the time to think about a new project, this allows me to brainstorm and kill the bad ideas/approaches of how to deal with the project and it helps me to get a really god start, when I begin the project for real. 

And there are also the projects, where I needed the lessons learned experience. I personally have examples, where I started working on a project and then I had to change either the process, framework or approach because when testing the ideas in real life (like a trial run) I experienced and learned that it was a bad idea.

The learnings provides us all to create better ideas and make better decisions which will result in awesome projects and products – just think of a brainstorming session this is a idea generation which are open to any creativity, ideas and with no judgment.

Adam Grant talks about the failure rate and compare the first movers versus the improvers – the failure rate is 8% for the improves and it’s lower because they watch and learn from the first movers. So be the person that looks for a better solution or option.

This also goes hand in hand with Rich Sheridan who is teaching his team to experiment with new methods and how important it is to learn from your mistakes – so make mistakes faster.

Become original – they have a lot of bad ideas before they come up with the best one.

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