What is your Daily Routine?

Are you creative early in the morning, afternoon, or after midnight?
We all have different daily routines, which is impacted by family, work, values, interests, hobbies etc and when I look at my routines they have changed over the years and I have learned that time is so much precious.
If you want to change your routine (or habits) it takes time, effort and motivation.
Check out this chart showing the daily routines of famous creative people – here you can see who is the night owl and when Beethoven was creative – It feels good to reflect to famous people and not feel bad with you own habits.
Some of my routines are:
  • Get up early in the morning (also in the weekend)
  • Exercise regularly – min three times a week (kickboxing classes are the best)
  • Smile (develop positive thinking – being positive brings out more with the people you are surrounded by)
  • Review my goals for the day/week (staying focused & proactive to achieve the best)
  • Family time (be present with your family and enjoy family moments – time goes to fast)
  • Check the news headlines (know what’s going on around the world)
  • Learn new skills (feeds to be more innovative and get inspired)
We are all different and we all have an impact on the way we live our lives – so be sure to have healthy daily routines!

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