What happens if you don’t check your emails?

So what happens if you stopped reading your emails?

I tested it in a small scale, so I didn’t drop it for days or weeks, just for a few hours during the day and it’s so relieving and gave me time to focus and completing important tasks.

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Normally I will check my emails in the morning and get ‘sucked’ into the “I need to read/answer all my emails” and they keep coming in and it feels like I’m only touching the surface of the emails because the inbox is growing.
Now I changed my routing and I take a quick glance to see if I need to reply urgently to an email or if it can wait – then I concentrate on my priorities for the day. And when I need a break then I jump to the inbox and reply/clean up. By switching it around I’m now in control of the inbox and not the opposite and the feeling is so great. I normally check my inbox two times a day where I spend time to sort it.
If you want to read more about experimenting quitting email read I can recommend this article which explains about how a group of people was tested to quit email for a week.


I can only agree – you get more productive, focus better by not checking email for a few hours and this will also impact your health in a positive way.
Try it !

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