What happens in an internet minute

I shared backed in December: “what happens in an internet minute” and now an updated version for 2016 is here and you can see big data is exploding and the ‘landscape is also changing’.  Google, Vine and YouTube are staying strong and Snap Chat is now appearing with 527k photos shared pr 60 seconds. Amazon grew from $119K to $203K in sales. Tinder is appearing with 972K swipes and Spotify with 38K hours of music.

Take a closer look to compare and also look if you changed your habits over the last 9 months.

The way we are communicating is changing just look at “Emails” which declined from 204 millions to 150 millions and WhatsApp are now appearing with 20.8 millions messages – be sure to spend your 60 seconds wisely.

Excelacom: 2016 source2015 source 


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