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Innovation is a buzzword all over and sometimes you only connect innovation to new technologies which lead to new products but innovation is much more – it’s embrace: improved product, process, marketing model, Education or organizational methods which all ends in human innovation. But again who is leading innovation – the following is the top 10 most innovative countries in 2015:

Top 10 most innovative countries:

10. Denmark — Denmark leads for its efficient system of government, large number of researchers, and quality of education.

9. Luxembourg — The tiny country’s ninth-place rank comes from its high scores in the Trade and Investment categories. Education also boosts its rank.

8. Ireland — Up three places since 2014, Ireland is recognized for its infrastructure and creative outputs, like its thriving design culture.

7. Singapore — One of the most consistent countries, Singapore stands out for its political environment and ecological sustainability.

6. Finland — Down two spots since 2014, Finland is still recognized for its work in technology, research, and higher education.

5. United States — The US jumped five spots since 2012, most notably for the strength of its global-facing markets, value of stock trades, and widespread implementation of internet technology.

4. Netherlands — With its strong online culture, the Netherlands ranks at the top of the survey’s “e-participation” rankings (for interacting with the government online), and near the top in research and technology outputs

3. Sweden — Well-designed universities and high-achieving graduates have kept Sweden in the top 3 for the last four years.

2. United Kingdom — Education and productivity hold the UK back, GII says, while its well-roundedness in all other aspects keeps it ranked high overall.

1. Switzerland — The country has been number one since 2011 because of its knowledge-based economy and ability to turn innovative thinking into lucrative projects — for example, local bank UBS is now using virtual reality to project investment portfolios to clients.

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