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Sannah Vinding stands out as a distinguished authority in leadership development, product innovation, and digital marketing within the manufacturing sector. Her profound expertise has been showcased across multiple platforms, including insightful podcasts, informative articles, and engaging YouTube segments.

Renowned for her depth of knowledge and innovative approaches, Vinding has made significant contributions to the manufacturing industry. Her insights into the latest trends and effective strategies have not only been highlighted in various media but are also highly valued by professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of the field.

As a respected figure in manufacturing, Vinding’s perspectives and advice are eagerly sought by those aiming to excel in this dynamic industry.

Waldom Executive Interview with Sannah Vinding, Founder of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast


Waldom Executive Interview with Sannah Vinding, Founder of the Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast

Navigating Innovation and Leadership in Electronics Manufacturing 

In the latest episode of the Waldom Executive Series, host Owen Stiffler talks with Sannah Vinding, a seasoned engineer in product development and B2B marketing. With her extensive experience in the electronics and semiconductor industry, Sannah discusses her role as an innovator and leader, focusing on key trends such as AI, automation, 3D printing, and digitalization.

Marketing in electronics manufacturing pro tips sannah vinding


Content Marketing Engineered, Hosted by Wendy Covey

Marketing in Electronics Manufacturing: Pro Tips from Sannah Vinding

Wendy Covey talks with Sannah Vinding, Digital Marketing Director at Micro Commercial Components, about how she humanizes the brand, excels at thought leadership, and provides valuable content to her sales and distribution teams.

ERA brochure 2023 Conference


Social Selling & Social Buying: What Is It & How Can You Make it Work for You?

ERA Conference Breakout Sessions:

I’m part of this specific breakout session at the ERA Conference – Austin, TX end of February together with Maryellen Stack and Jordan Yates.

  • Talking about posting as an individual vs a company 
  • Building your network
  • Creating habits (starts with showing up and ends with consistency)
  • Measuring ROI (return on investment)

see you Austin

The-Representor-fall-2022 - cover story - Sannah Vinding


Leadership skills – the investment with infinity ROI by Sannah Vinding

Cover story was published as part of the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) The Representor Magazine. 

Virtual Sales training - ERA - Sannah Vinding


Effective Communication: It’s More Than Just Talking

Communication is at the heart of everything we do each day. It involves not only talking, but also attentive listening. Listening is twice as important as talking and one big important part of effective communication skills in business. Attentive listening will ensure you are hearing your customer’s intended message. Becoming a better listener takes practice! This session will focus on improving your communication skills in order to meaningfully connect with other people and increase your capacity to retain information and communicate better to help you win more sales. Presented by Sannah Vinding, Sales & Marketing Strategist, this session will provide tools and insights on the best ways to improve your communication and listening skills. 

judging the triton innovation challenge.sannah vinding UC San Diego

UC San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering

Judging the Triton Innovation Challenge

The Triton Innovation Challenge is a business competition at UC San Diego that focuses on fostering creativity and highlighting environmentally promising technologies developed by UC San Diego’s community.

Virtual Sales training - ERA - Sannah Vinding


Is Lean Marketing really a thing?

Marketing has become increasingly complex, and it is time for us to change our approach to market to our customers. Lean marketing is about quick iteration, testing and measuring results, using those results to drive the strategy, and then repeating the cycle. It also makes your projects simpler to manage and execute.


The B2B Growth Marketer, Hosted by Alex Meade

Building a Holistic Content Strategy with Sannah Vinding

In marketing and, well, all jobs, you have things you want to try and accomplish. Bigger goals or objectives that you put off. Today we talk with Sannah Vinding, Executive Director of Product Development & Marketing at VCC, who offers simple advice. “There is never a good time; just do it.”

Sannah wanted to implement her cluster topic and content strategy. Instead of waiting for resources or budget, she researched, learned, and created her content, winning the coveted Google Snippit in her main keyword.


The B2B Growth Marketer, Hosted by Alex Meade

What is a Pillar Page with Sannah Vinding

One of the more prominent buzzwords in marketing is a pillar page. Today we will explain what a pillar page is and why you should consider one.


The B2B Growth Marketer, Hosted by Alex Meade

The Power of Online Communities for Marketing & Sales with Corinna Gelster-Borgardt & Sannah Vinding

Online communities are not a new idea. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been pushing this idea since the inception of social media. The pandemic changed how we communicate and do business. So did the online communities. Today, online communities for sales and marketing professions are far more significant than any conference. To get the peer-to-peer discussion and education, you don’t need to spend $1,000’s; you need to find the right group and log in. Today, Corinna Gelster-Borgardt & Sannah Vinding discuss the benefits of online communities.

TheMindshiftPodcast_darrell evans - Sannah Vinding


The Mindshift Podcast with Darrell Evans

How to Drive Growth Through Agility and Innovation

You’re encouraged to tune into this episode as Sannah offers valuable insights on staying curious, embracing continuous learning and committing to growth.
Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Discover what innovation means to Sannah and how it can be a messy line.
  2. She talks about excellence being a process, not a destination.
  3. Find out what reinvigorates her, referred to as her “vitamin pill.”
Lean-Agile Innovation Mind the Innovation sannah vinding


Research has shown that the human brain processes visual stimuli faster than verbal stimuli. It takes longer for us to read or listen to information that we already know. By presenting our thoughts visually, we can be more open-minded and willing to consider new perspectives. This is because visual presentations allow us to process information more quickly, leaving us more receptive to new ideas.

the-kula-ring_guest -sannah vinding

The Kula Ring Podcast

Refine Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy to Better Target Engineers

“You have to talk to engineers to get the right information,” says Sannah Vinding, our latest guest on this week’s episode of The Kula Ring podcast. Sannah has a unique mix of skills with a background in mechanical engineering, and a passion for marketing, she shares her tips and advice on how to better engage and target engineers to get them looking at your products and service offerings online. This episode also dives into the impact the pandemic has had on the manufacturing industry. Learn from Sannah how she believes organizations can rethink their marketing strategy to pivot to this new way of working.

all about circuits - Sannah Vinding Article Human Machine Interface


Considerations for Using Light Pipes to Improve HMI Design

Human machine interfaces (HMIs) often incorporate light indicators. One option for HMI indicator technology is light pipes. In this article, learn some of the design considerations for choosing and using light pipes.

Using Visual Elements to Communicate Sannah Vinding,


How do products use visual signals to enable better communication & user experiences?

Sannah Vinding, discusses this & more in an informative interview with RegalixTV host Jessica Ly.

lpdde lean product process development exchange article sannah vinding


Lean is not just for manufacturing anymore

You are reading this because you are in the process of exploring and educating yourself about how to get started on a lean journey either for you or for your organization. I’m sure you at this point have read a lot of different articles, found different blogs and even are up to date with the latest lean books.

EPSNews electronics Purchasing and the supply chain - article, Sannah Vinding


How to Boost Profits Through Lean Product Development

A primary objective of a manufacturer is building high-quality products that solve industry and/or specific customer design challenges. No matter the size of the company, this must be done at a profit, or the business will ultimately fail. To ensure product development success (and revenue), designers utilize a number of tools to implement lean product development that ensures the product roadmap stays on course, on schedule, and on budget.

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