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How can B2B component manufacturers use information to win deals?

To win in the digital B2B environment manufacturers must drive growth by enabling customers’ confidence in their own decisions through supporting them with educational industry information.

How does digital marketing work for electronics manufacturers?

Engineers uses digital, self-service and in-person channels to research solutions for their problems, manufacturers need to be present in the digital space to stand out as industry experts and the chance of landing new business for new customers.

The B2B purchasing process has changed, but your sales strategy hasen't. What to do next.

Understand your customers’ intent and identify their decision/buyers’ journey – The B2B buyer’s journey is not a linear process anymore.


The number of people going online to look up solutions (answers) are increasing every day.

Digital marketing is important because it connects a business with its customers when they are online.


Prefer not to interact with a sales rep as the primary source of information.



Of the B2B buyer’s journey is now spent researching independently online.

Source: Gartner

Leadership Podcast

The Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast: 2024’s Top 10 Phenomenon

Earning a prestigious spot among the top 10 electronics manufacturing podcasts of 2024, The Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast is tailored for those deeply involved in the electronics supply chain, the extensive manufacturing sector, and serving as manufacturers’ representatives. This acclaimed podcast stands as your pivotal companion on the path to leadership mastery in these critical industry segments.

Navigating the intricacies of leadership within the electronics supply chain and manufacturing sectors demands not just intent but a strategic approach to continuous improvement. The journey toward exceptional leadership is often hampered by a scarcity of dedicated training resources aimed at nurturing high-performing teams specific to these areas.

Our commitment through this podcast is to bridge such gaps, offering a specialized focus on the development needs of professionals across the electronics supply chain, manufacturing sector, and manufacturers’ representatives. We believe in the transformative power of investing in our team members’ growth to foster outstanding teams. Halting this investment is tantamount to diminishing our capacity to assemble exemplary teams.

As a top 10 ranked podcast in the manufacturing category for 2024, we bring you an insider’s perspective on the latest trends, revolutionary practices, and essential leadership strategies tailored for the electronics manufacturing and supply chain sectors. Our mission is to empower leaders within these industries, steering you towards cultivating teams that not only champion innovation but are also instrumental in achieving operational excellence.

Join us on this transformative journey toward unparalleled leadership excellence. Ignite the spark of success within your team by engaging with our content, and redefine what it means to lead in the fast-evolving landscapes of the electronics supply chain and manufacturing sectors. Tune in now and step into the role of a leader who truly makes an impact.

Why This Podcast is a Must-Listen

The Leadership in Manufacturing Podcast isn’t just another podcast; it’s a critical tool for anyone looking to make a substantial impact in the electronics supply chain, manufacturing sector, or as manufacturers’ representatives



Sannah Vinding Featured on the Waldom Executive Series

Sannah, a recognized leader in the electronics and semiconductor industry, delves into her journey as an innovator and her quest to drive effective leadership in the sector. Throughout the episode, Sannah reflects on the trends that are reshaping the landscape of electronics manufacturing, highlighting the pervasive influence of AI, automation, 3D printing, and the importance of digitalization within companies.

Addressing the critical role of podcasts like hers, “Leadership in Manufacturing,” Sannah discusses the power of thought leadership and sharing industry experiences to inspire current and future leaders. She emphasizes the need for continuous learning in an ever-evolving industry, and the value of insights from industry leaders to understand personal and professional growth.

Furthermore, Sannah offers her expertise on the importance of collaboration between master distributors like Waldom and manufacturers, stressing its significance in innovation and supply chain efficiency. Although the future of the electronics and semiconductor markets remains uncertain, Sannah advises staying agile, embracing new tools, and maintaining open communication with customers and industry partners.

For a more in-depth exploration of these topics and to glean wisdom from a leading voice in the field, watch the insightful conversation with Sannah Vinding.



Meet Sannah

I am Sannah Vinding, a seasoned manufacturing marketing strategist with a rich background spanning over two decades. My expertise lies in pioneering product development, innovative B2B marketing strategies, and driving process enhancements within the consumer electronics and global human-machine interface sectors.

As a proficient technical engineer and accomplished B2B marketing expert, I offer valuable insights and solutions tailored to elevate the electronic component manufacturing industry.

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Brand awareness

A brand strategy is essential for a manufacturing organization as it helps to define the organization’s unique identity and purpose, and it serves as a guiding force for all marketing and communication efforts.

Voice of the Customer

The voice of the customer is an essential component of a customer-centric approach to business, and it can help manufacturing organizations to better serve their customers and achieve long-term success.

Digital Strategy

Having a digital strategy is essential for manufacturing organizations in today’s digital world, as it helps to ensure that the organization is positioned to effectively compete and thrive in the digital marketplace

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