Modern Marketing for Manufacturing Podcast


For modern marketers in the manufacturing industry, the top priority is to ensure that their products remain top-of-mind for their target audience.

Modern Marketing for Manufacturing Podcast Sannah Vinding

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The First Goal

For Modern Marketers in today’s manufacturing environment is to make sure their products stay top of mind.

Modern Marketing for Manufacturing Podcast Sannah Vinding

If you are looking for marketing industry knowledge you are in the right place – this podcast will help you overcome your marketing and sales challenges.

In this podcast, we will take a deep dive and explore how to succeed in the electronics manufacturing industry.

“I want to be one of the companies that learn from the experience and don’t just react. So we’re trying to get ahead of that curve. And whatever reality comes our way, we want to show our suppliers that we are productive.” Cameron English

“Collaboration between manufacturers and distributors will be key to the success of the industry.” Andrew Schwarz

“Social media is amazing in general. It reaches people outside of the 9 to 5 workday.” Bridget Kane-Ferrigan

“Engineers are going to reach out to you when they need you. And that’s just the bottom line.” Rob Brunson

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